Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Woke up to a beautiful day!
Mentally ran through all that I had to say.
Thanked Him that I was alive
While I brought together both hand's five
And bowed to the mighty Universe
A routine, I don't need to rehearse.

I sat down for Yoga exercise,
And my sister's phone then rang precise
While I talked to her, I saw three friends,
Walking up to the tennis courts.
Mentally figured, I can team up for a quick doubles
Dressed & just the racquet I was at the nets.
And in the last game, as I received the serve
I lost my nerve,
Missed the ball,
Had a great fall,
I was in pain, but not in disdain,
Rolled the wrists and was up again.
Later, I drove to the airport hotel,
Injured hand reminding me of pain so subtle.

But as I reached back to office,
I realized plain optimism won't suffice
My hand needed medical attention,
I needed a car with automatic transmission
As my left hand won't easily grip the gear.
But I drove bravely & carefully without fear.
To home of course,
And without any remorse
Reminding at all times of the higher good,
Fully in the present moment I stood.

My wife was ready to take me to the doctor,
Missing her office was a small factor
Moments like this reminds of your spouses,
And your heart felt gratefulness,
To their total commitment and care.
We waited dourly four an hour.

The moment of truth wasn't far away,
As I was through with the X-Ray
The wrist hit hard as a matter of fact
The boat shaped bone (scaphoid) took the impact.
Yes, I had the fractured wrist
Got plastered without any twist.
And I am staying that way
For six weeks, without naysay.

Now as I type with one hand,
I haven't for a second,
Complained for my state,
Or cursed my fate,
I'm focussing on my inside,
To understand this change of tide
While friends, family worry,
I'm on a journey of self discovery

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