Monday, July 14, 2014

Trust Eternal Beauty

In the Infinity of the universe,
Trust Beauty exists,
Beyond your comprehension
Before you even think or are aware,
Your Deep desire are fulfilled !
Trust this super power,
Flows through you at times,
Feel immersed in it!
And feel light & loved.
Tomorrow will be beautiful,
Just as today is,
Yesterday was !
In this same trust,
Go and desire your dream,
The best will happen,
I know,
You know,
I’m just making you aware,
Take care !

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Loving Tokyo

Away in Tokyo,
Life is like a Yo Yo !
There are ups and downs,
But mostly Smiles and a few frowns!
Away from home so very far way,
Yet in a way,
It is nice and good,
Despite, challenges of vegetarian food!
Struggling to find what is "cheese"
And not beef/meat in disguise.
Risks of not knowing Japanese,
Never leaves life at ease!
Doing your own dishes,
And ironing your own clothes,
Doing your breakfast & dinner,
Aren't such a big bother.
When I can  eat lots of brocollis,
Ashparagus s & also zuccinis!
And try some fancy Matcha ice-cream,
It is like living life in a dream.
That  starts on a joyride (train) to office,
People busy on phones, but at peace,
Smartly dressed commuters,
Not to miss the high heeled travelers
Gracious octogenarians,
Japanese are all good Samaritans.
Small kids with happy faces,
Remove all your life’s stresses.
It is a happy start to everyday !
As I commute on  Ikegami line, from Osaki Hirokoji
And reach Futako-Tamagawa on Oimachi.
Trains runs with clock-work precision,
On time always to my destination.
On 16th floor at Synopsys!
On visitors desk 16-137,
The breathtaking view of Tokyo Skyline,
Sky-scrappers and roads so serpentine,
Being in Japan reveals itself
(With “arigato gozaimasu(Thank you)” music all over !)
And friendly/polite people,
(It is all Kudasai/onegaishmashu (please) )
As I discover them and myself
In this journey with them !
In the land of the rising sun, 日本 Nihon

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Be Yourself

You are beautiful the way you are,
 It is not important how many care,
You are just the right piece,
Don’t feel life to be on a precipice!
Needing your careful attention at all times,
Let loose, become one that naturally thrives.
Effortlessly, without special care,
Like you breath air !

It is OK to be have some weakness,
It is OK to not stand up to everyone’s measure of goodness!
You are good, rather the BEST the way you are,
And no one in the world can certify there !
Live your life at your terms,
Listen everyone, but have your values firm.
Ignore all the mumbo jumbo,
They don’t need your attention,
 Life wasn’t meant to be full of so much tension.

 It was intended to be a joyful journey,
 But did you decide on the right tourney!

If not,
Don’t purse your brow,
Act now !