Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I was born to be

I wasn't born,
To live a life so forlorn.
In the guise of a well-dressed gentlemen
Blessed with all wordly-possession.

I wasn't born to be this,
In a life full of material bliss!
I had reasons to be rich,
But not for my life to enrich.

To use my means & wealth,
For some foresaken kids health
Or a poor's kids education,
To build charitable institution.

I wasn't born to live
A life so timid and inactive
Accepting imposed social values,
And disposing your innate virtues!

My life has come to a stand still,
I will gaze at the window sill,
Staring in blankness, having lost all my will,
Living life like a big ordeal, feeling so ill.

I was born to be crusader,
I was born to be a leader,
I was born to be new harbinger!
To bring in this world a new order!

I was born free,
For the world to see!

The New Spirituality

The following is the gist from and of a book I recently read - "The New Revealations"- Neale Donald Walsch, (author of Conversation with God) which gives new insight on for Modern Spirituality. A big shift from our everyday life under the fear of God to be as a friend of God or more appropriately working as if we are God ourselves.

1. God has never stopped communicating direclty with human beings. God has been communicating with and through human beings from the beginning of time. God does so today.

2. Every human being is a s special as every other human being who had ever lived, lives now. or ever will live.You are alll messengers. Every one of you. You are carrying a message to life about life every day. Every hour.Every moment.

3. No path to God is more direct than any other path. NO religion is the "one true religiion" no people are "the chosen people" and no prophet is the greatest prophet".

4. God needs nothing. God requires nothing in order to be happy. God is happiness itself. Therefore, God requires nothing of anyone or anyything in the universe.

5. God is not a singular Super Being, living somewhere in the Universe or outside of it, having the same emotional needs and subject to the same emotional turmoil as humans. That Which Is God cannot be hurt or damaged in any way, and so, has no need to seek revenge or impose punishment.

6. All things are One Thing. There is only One Thing, and all things are part of the One Thing That Is.

7. There is no such thing as RIght or Wrong. There is only What Works and What Does Not Work, depending upon what it is that you seek to be, or do have.

8. You are not your body. Who you are is limitless and without end.

9. You cannot die, and you will never be comdemned to eternal damnation.

It's raining Gods

Born to a faith Hinduism by Birth,
Where a million Gods rules the earth,
Lord Hanuman ruled my roost,
When as kid, I couldn't get any other boost.

The convent school, I studied till four,
Dawned on me, Christ was my Saviour.
But stories in my school books,
Told of Buddha, Kabir & Guru Nanak's

I found going to a Mosque,
As much peaceful and grotesque
As going to a Hindu temple,
With a varieties of God in ample

Buddhist's monasteries are awesome,
So are churches in India or Rome
The Synagogues of Jews,
Also add to the Divine stews

As I grow up in search of God,
Moving from Quran to Bible's fold.
Reading tons of spiritual literature
Hoping for a magical encounter.

Yet nothing happenend so far,
I still haven't got wet,
Despite the fact,
It's raining Gods