Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Women's Day

And to the two of you,
It's always due,
To remember on this day,
Formally, called the International Women's Day!
And say nice things,
Or remind you of so many nothings,
In that each step you took,
When world around you shook.
The craving girl child,
Fighting the society so wild,
Wanting to find your freedom,
Fly with wings of your wisdom.

To be different from the multitude,
Even when you were left in solitude
Two of my sister's chose a path,
Never bothering what will be the aftermath!
And proved the world around them wrong,
And came out strong.

Happy Women's Day, Manisha & Anu
I love you, and we love you!


Indian Home Maker said...

Congratulations to Manisha and Anu.

Shail said...

This is so beautiful!

Anil Singhal said...

Thanks Shail & IHM :)