Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Designer's life

I see the beauty everywhere,
It is here and it is there!
I know its your deepest desire,
Conspired by the universe

That in due course manifests,
And in the meantime incubates
Through the wonder of your thoughts,
Your life and your actions!

I have seen it in my life,
A pattern even in the strife
How the universe supported me,
IIT or my quest to photography

Logical reasoning ruled it out,
Suddenly some event without doubt,
Puts your life back on the rails
And you are again ON without travails.

I'm on the creative edge of time,
Ya, that appears stagnant and mime
Yet it is nevertheless moving,
Always fulfilling,
My grandest vision,
Coincidence happens without reason.

Cosmos blips,
I have sensed a many
And urge all to see
All you have to do
Is take responsibility for your present You
And live a designer's life
Your life,

The Happy one
The Sad one
The poets
The artists
The philosophers
The wanderers
The criminals
The good humans..

It's all for you to choose,
And let yourself loose
In the cosmos canvas!
And hear yourself say, Alas.
I wish I had known it before.
Move on, leave the yore
It's not too late,
Start creating your fate (oxymoron)
Now, urgently now!
This moment, yes. Wow!

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