Friday, July 24, 2009

Why I write?

Note for reader: Written for an American friend telling her what makes me interact with her!

I see the world,
That you behold,
And share mine,
Sometimes things very divine,
Sometimes just very humane,
Often pointless stuff so mundane,

Just to make the point,
That despite our culture, so disjoint,
We are still the same,
One origin from where we came,
We have the same needs,
Of love, recognition and daily feeds
We have the same tryst with destiny
When at death it all ends finally!

And see that in the little time,
Available between birth to deaths regime,
We can make some happy faces,
Share our achievements and felonies,
Share a tear,
Of someone dear,

Doing my little bit,
To explain that whatever India exhibit,
Is just part of a entire rainbow,
Which cannot complete its show,
Without the Liberty principles from United States
Or of my countries cultural nuances,
We all each other need,
Just trying to plant that seed!
Hoping for a forest to grow,
So, that we can have a better tomorrow!

1 comment:

Kamlesh Acharya said...

nice one anil.

I loved the ending.

and yes. You're rite. Just writing it as it is allows the work to be taken to a new level.