Monday, July 27, 2009

Life is so beautiful

Life is so beautiful.
With American life so abundantly full,
I have it all,
A flat equipped so well!
The machines do clothes and the dishes.
Kitchen with Indian cookware, and assorted knives,
Ovens, coffee machines, juicer & toaster,
Microwave and a huge refriegerator.
A flat with double bed, a soft set,
A TV, A DVD and the floor with a carpet,
Vacuum cleaner, bathing tub and dinning table,
Yes, all! It may sound like a fable.
And with a per diem running in big dollars,
Makes your effective salary, envy of even big scholars.

Hours into days, days into weeks,
Weeks into months, and new year speaks!
Away from home, its has been several days,
Wife, daughter, friends haunt in many ways!

Skip a meal, to worry about another,
No breakfast, possible lunch, left over, dinner.
Or cook rice in the morning with peas & corns,
And do it again in the evening with carrots & beans!

When hours away from daugther,
At lunch, would so much matter!
Now miles away, and months gone by!
Life seems to standby.

From When I could reach her any time,
Now, have to watch her in mime,
Glued on the webcam to have a look,
As jumping animations show her cook. (with her toys)
And my hands go explore my laptop screen to caress!
In vain I know, and my eyes shows up tears.

To hear her say Papa, is still the sweetest sound!
On the phone, she still conveys emotions so profound.
But, Papa's "Pooh want's something.." to her sweety,
Gets lost unreplied in her own little life so busy!
Unaware, unrealized, that Papa is seeking, a reply-
"Yellow and Yummy for his tummy".

I don't know if I miss India,
Or have fallen in love with America!
And life is also beautiful here,
As it was, when I was there.

But for me,

Life's beauty lies,
When I see the gleam in my daughters eyes.
When from work I return, and she prances around,
As if a treasure she has found.

Life's beauty lies,
When I can be (at my will) in my wife's arms,
Surrendering to her charms,
And be lost in dreams!

Life's beauty lies,
When I can use my friendly ties,
Go any moment, and talk a word or two!
Knowing they will all construe!

Still: Life is beautiful,
In America so bountiful.
For this foreign people,
Within what they are capable!
They wish me Good Morning,
Everytime Smiling!
And an American' friend,
Finds time to spend,
To take me to church,
And then together for lunch.
And then to God, I can pray!
A wish to be with daughter so far away!

That's will be my real beautiful life!

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