Monday, July 27, 2009

God is Good

I act like the messenger of God,
Yet, so many things around you are odd
Professing God is good,
Whether you get your food?
Or lost your parents at young age,
Is difficult then saying the adage!
How do I explain to that 10 year old,
Why both her parents are in God's fold!
For her, that smile or hug or mom's assurance,
Or passing care, and father's glance
Makes for her a better world,
Then all world riches - made tenfold.

Life is tough, but just a movie screen,
All events good or bad maybe seen,
Yet, they are all there to deceive,
In some form life's vagaries we all receive!
You may ask, why a new born is born blind.
He never hurt anybody to get this for his life's grind.
It's all part of a bigger tapestry,
Which normal humans' not dont have mastery.
God is good all the times!
What we face, somewhere we created oursleves!

So, next time -

When you see that 10 year- old,
Or anybody that's life before you unfold.
Carrying her cross of life,
Just give her an assuring kiss,
And help her when/where you can,
Brave her up, and assure her!
World is still beautiful and worth living!
There are always so many,
Who are carrying a bigger cross than you!

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