Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's raining Gods

Born to a faith Hinduism by Birth,
Where a million Gods rules the earth,
Lord Hanuman ruled my roost,
When as kid, I couldn't get any other boost.

The convent school, I studied till four,
Dawned on me, Christ was my Saviour.
But stories in my school books,
Told of Buddha, Kabir & Guru Nanak's

I found going to a Mosque,
As much peaceful and grotesque
As going to a Hindu temple,
With a varieties of God in ample

Buddhist's monasteries are awesome,
So are churches in India or Rome
The Synagogues of Jews,
Also add to the Divine stews

As I grow up in search of God,
Moving from Quran to Bible's fold.
Reading tons of spiritual literature
Hoping for a magical encounter.

Yet nothing happenend so far,
I still haven't got wet,
Despite the fact,
It's raining Gods

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