Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I was born to be

I wasn't born,
To live a life so forlorn.
In the guise of a well-dressed gentlemen
Blessed with all wordly-possession.

I wasn't born to be this,
In a life full of material bliss!
I had reasons to be rich,
But not for my life to enrich.

To use my means & wealth,
For some foresaken kids health
Or a poor's kids education,
To build charitable institution.

I wasn't born to live
A life so timid and inactive
Accepting imposed social values,
And disposing your innate virtues!

My life has come to a stand still,
I will gaze at the window sill,
Staring in blankness, having lost all my will,
Living life like a big ordeal, feeling so ill.

I was born to be crusader,
I was born to be a leader,
I was born to be new harbinger!
To bring in this world a new order!

I was born free,
For the world to see!

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